We do not need to write a lot of words about the meaning of this title. As well as in private life also in our business we like to be inspired. Be genius.

Instead of writing about it – how it is nice to be inspired and what it can bring to our life and business – it is more important how to be in that state and how to do it to be in the spirit.

How to be every day in field of creativity, state of genius mind, genius spirit?

Because I have teach people in business for 20 years and show them how to do it – how to be inspired – I can describe here some simple techniques. If you would like to wake up your genius I would suggest to you to try every of techniques I will describe here ( every week one new technique) and choose one or more techniques you will like the best and use it.

Every 13 days I will write down one simple technique – which you can like or not and which can be inspiration or helpful for you and remind you about simple techniques to be more in connection with your genius.

The first is simple. Be 30 minute – every day – in real nature – but with conscious mind switched on. Look around you and try to remember what you feel. Ask yourself how you feel your body, what you smell, what you hear and many other questions. Just observe, dont react on things you will feel and see. Do it for three weeks. After first next 13 days you can add another exercise. I will write it in 13 days to continue this article.